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Do You Know Your Elevator’s Mileage?

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Wouldn’t you like to stay ahead of breakdowns?

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ODOLift  For Optimized Elevator Maintenance

Optimized Maintenance Schedule

Now you can schedule maintenance based on elevator usage instead of periodic time table

Predicting Potential Breakdowns

Through Innovative Data Analytics ODOLift can predict potential breakdown scenarios

Understand Service Quality

By comparing performance of pre and post, understand quality of maintenance service

Actionable Intelligence to Your Smartphones For Achieving Operational Excellence.

ODOLift Sensor

An innovative non-intrusive sensor build based on industry standard micro-computer platform. After an easy instal, starts to collect data and sends to Cloud for analytics.

Data Analytics Platform

Leading edge data analytics and machine learning algorithms to develop actionable intelligence on performance data is to achieve operational excellence.

Mobile Dashboard

Performance data and maintenance event predictions are delivered via mobile app. With intelligence to act upon, now customers can optimize elevator maintenance

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